Appleton Wiske Village


Appleton Wiske is a village in North Yorkshire.  It’s a great place to live,  because many people volunteer to provide facilities and activities.  It’s hard work, as they not only provide the facilities, they raise the funds to pay for them.

So many people contribute to Appleton Wiske, it’s hard to name everyone.  Volunteers drive the minibus, run coffee mornings, care for the sports field and children’s play area, manage the village hall, organise events and clubs, beautify the village with flowers, and so on – the list is endless.


Appleton Wiske also benefits from services including a village shop and Post Office, two pubs, the Lord Nelson and the Shorthorn, a primary school, pre school, and weekly doctor’s surgery.  In 2014, we also have a public telephone box and Royal Mail postal deliveries.

History of Appleton Wiske

The village was here at the Domesday survey, and probably dates from far earlier.  It was always a farming village, and it still is.  In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, Appleton Wiske prospered under the linen industry, with other craftsmen such as shoemakers and blacksmith.  Nowadays, our resident craftsmen concentrate on trades such as building, decorating, electrical work and website design.

Appleton Wiske is still a farming village, with hard-working families producing valuable food.  The area is also rich in wildlife: every time I step out of the house, I see something new.

In the later 20th century, Appleton Wiske became popular with commuters, particularly to nearby Teesside.   There has therefore been steady growth in the village, with a wave of development in the 1970s, and smaller developments since then.


Links for Appleton Wiske:

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Street maps, with house names, courtesy of Colin Day:

Appleton Wiske West

Appleton Wiske East