Crakehall Leek Club

Crakehall Leek Club for Yorkshire Ridings Magazine.

Recently I went to Crakehall to meet members of the Leek Club for Yorkshire Ridings Magazine.

August Bank Holiday sees the leek show at Crakehall, near Bedale.

Crakehall Village Green

Crakehall Village Green

All year, the leeks have proved a ready source of conversation in the village pub, and as the summer approaches, tension mounts. Club chairman Bryan Broadbent says, “Stress comes for anybody taking holidays from June to August. Then, you’re relying on someone else to make sure your leeks don’t get attacked by slugs or rabbits, and to water them if the weather is fine. We left it to our son one year, and it didn’t go very well.”

Leeks growing in Crakehall

Leeks growing in Crakehall

On Show Day, the leeks are displayed in a tent on the village green. Bryan says,”The judge rearranges the leeks from left to right, from first, all through the ones he judges have met the standard.” If he thinks a leek doesn’t meet the rules, he’ll put it to one side.

“Until then, says Bryan, “No-one else is allowed into the tent. But after the judging’s done, it’s an open show and everyone can go in and have a look.”

The fun part comes from eating the leeks, some of which the local butcher makes up into sausages for a barbecue after the judging. Club treasurer Kym Broadbent says, “We fund raise for prizes and for charity, and we have a good laugh, everyone teases each other.”

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