Dalesman March 2014: Anything Women can do, Men can do too

Tony Longstaff, Bob Walker and Bryan Dixon discuss the men's group schedule

Tony Longstaff, Bob Walker and Bryan Dixon discuss the men’s group schedule

For decades, if not centuries, Dales women have created simple organisations to provide them with opportunities to socialise: Women’s Institute, Mothers’ Union, Yorkshire Countrywomen, and so on.


Men tended not to join such groups: if they wanted to chat, they simply dropped into the local pub.


Nowadays, that is less common, suggests the Rev Bryan Dixon, of Patrick Brompton: “I don’t think that men go out so much now just for a drink.”

It certainly seemed so on a cold and frosty night when I went to meet organisers of Patrick Brompton Men’s group, in a cosy, welcoming pub that was virtually empty apart from us.

Therefore, Bryan founded a Men’s Group. Following the time-honoured format of a guest speaker, followed by refreshments and a chance to chat, it’s going from strength to strength.

Retaining the men’s traditional meeting place, the group meets in pubs around the parishes, rotating the venue so that each pub gets a share of the visitors – and giving people a chance to visit their own village pub, knowing there will be somebody there to talk to.

Read about the founding of the group in the March issue of Dalesman Magazine


For details of the next meeting, call Rev Bryan Dixon on 01677 450985

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