Dalesman May 2014: Vive t’ Difference

Dalesman celebrates Frenchman Cédric Farineau’s love of Yorkshire.

For Dalesman May 2014: Vive t’ Difference,  it was a pleasure to meet Cédric, who has taken the people, landscape, and food of Yorkshire warmly to his heart.


Cedric Farineau has taken tea to his heart

Cedric Farineau has taken tea to his heart

Sipping tea in one of his favourite Yorkshire tea shops, Cédric cheerfully listed the things he likes most about Yorkshire: the friendly people; the beautiful scenery; the tasty food.


He writes an online blog about his experiences, in French and in English, hoping to encourage more of his compatriots to enjoy a visit to Yorkshire. He says, “I recently wrote about Walkers are Welcome. There are more ‘Walkers are Welcome’ towns and villages in Yorkshire than anywhere else. Then I found that it started in Yorkshire, and I thought about why. Its core values are a sense of community, and to have people involved. And I thought yes, the sense of community is strong in Yorkshire, so that will be why walkers are welcome.”


Cedric revels in exploring Yorkshire's countryside

Cedric revels in exploring Yorkshire’s countryside

I suspect that Cédric finds such a ready welcome due to his own happy and friendly personality, ready to chat and enjoy all of Yorkshire’s pleasures.

However, despite Yorkshire’s many benefits, we could learn from Cédric’s customs too. I first spoke to him in early January, when I was facing the end of the holidays and a return to the cold grey grind. But Cédric was preparing for another big family party – a custom he’d brought with him from France. He explained: “In France, we celebrate Epiphany. We eat a special cake called Galette des Rois.” Cédric added that a dried bean is baked inside the cake, and whoever receives the bean in their slice of cake is ‘king for the night’. The ‘king’ has to be obeyed, a custom that opens possibilities for riotous entertainment.


It sounded a whole lot more fun than ironing shirts for the return to work, and, said Cédric, “Who knows, one day Galette des Rois will be a hit in Yorkshire.”


Read more about Cedric in Dalesman Magazine, May 2014: Vive t’ Difference

Read about Cédric’s adventures in Yorkshire in his blog at : http://walkinyorkshire.com, and on Twitter: @WalkInYorkshire



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