Zoe Hillyard’s patchwork ceramics in Craft&Design Sep/Oct 2014

Zoe Hillyard has fused the textile technique of patchwork with ceramics to make her ‘patchwork ceramics’.

Her work seems to touch people’s hearts, and Zoe’s patchwork cermaics won the Gold award for Textiles and Needlecrafts in Craft&Design’s Selected Awards this year.

Her win was evidence of how popular her ‘patchwork ceramics’ have become, both with the public and with experts in her field.  It’s a technique which neither I nor Zoe have seen anyone else use.

Like many great ideas, it was initiated by an accident and Zoe’s response to it.  She explained “One day in the kitchen, I broke a bowl.  I didn’t have any glue in the house, and I thought, how else can I mend it?”

Many trials later, Zoe developed her technique of covering broken fragments of pottery with textile, and painstakingly hand-sewing them together again.

It’s a means of combing old materials and giving them new life – life which Zoe injects from her own infectious energy and enthusiasm.

I’m sure we’ll hear more of Zoe – but in the meantime, read all about her in Craft&Design Magazine

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