Yorkshire Ridings Magazine, Sept 2014, artist David Beresford

David’s Brave New World

For September’s issue of Yorkshire Ridings Magazine, I headed off to Wharfedale to meet artist David Beresford.


David Beresford takes inspiration from his garden and surrounding landscape

David Beresford takes inspiration from his garden and surrounding landscape

He was inspired to a second career as an artist after years of looking out of the window at the landscape around his home.  It’s a lush, productive landscape, and the little patch of land around David’s house is no different. As well as flowers and lawns, there’s a vegetable garden, orchard, and paddock with chickens and geese.

It’s also alive with wildlife. There’s a pond, fed from a handy spring, with a wildflower meadow. And David’s studio is built of straw, with a turf roof, where he swears there are birds nesting: he can hear the chicks cheeping while he paints his pictures.

David’s artistic life involves rising early and spending a lot of time looking at the landscape around his home. Whether a painting of the sunrise reflected in his pond, a subtle depiction of the plants at the margins rising through early morning  mist, or a zinging canvas of a field of brilliant yellow oilseed rape flowers, David labours to capture the spirit of that moment.

He does so beautifully, as each moment is fleeting. To a close watcher like David, what he notices is ‘It’s always changing’.

But those who remember such moments can have them encapsulated into a painting, through David’s labours.

Read about how David came to paint his local landcape, in Yorkshire Ridings Magazine.

David sells original oils and glycée prints, via www.davidberesfordart.co.uk, Tel 01423 734760, North Yorkshire Open Studios, www.nyos.org.uk, and Helmsley Galleries at the Black Swan in Helmsley, Tel 07769 665474

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