Carol Coleman wins Gold Award for Textiles

Carol Coleman, Textile Artist

It was a pleasure to meet Carol Coleman, a woman who has taught herself the skills that have culminated in winning Craft&Design Magazine’s Selected Gold Award for Textiles.

Carol Coleman in her studio

Carol Coleman in her studio

Carol is this year’s proud winner of Craft&Design Selected Maker Gold Award for Textiles and Needlecraft.

She is particularly pleased with the award because of its twin aspects of popular vote and expert opinion.


Stone-trapped jewellery by Carol Coleman

Stone-trapped jewellery by Carol Coleman

The award is vindication of many years of exploration and self-discovery that have led Carol to her position today.  Although she was taught basic needlework skills at school, Carol is largely self-taught, and likes nothing more than to experiment with new materials and techniques.  She sees being self-taught as an advantage, as it allows her to develop her own unique style and techniques.

Modern and traditional materials

She is therefore unafraid of modern materials such as foam, films, and non-woven polymers, which she combines with traditional natural fibres to stunning effect.

Three dimensional

She makes wall hangings, framed pictures, textile jewellery, and constructs three dimensional textile containers, rich in texture and colour.

Textile vessel by Carol Coleman

Textile vessel by Carol Coleman

Her ‘vessels’ are reminiscent of ceramic coil pots, and Carol comments, “I really enjoy making them.  There’s something about working a spiral that’s therapeutic and soothing.  I make them like a coil pot.  I start on dissolving film to get a flat bottom, then cut out to curl up, and apply more tension to the coil.  I really like making them.”


Carol is married to a serviceman, but after many itinerant years, the couple have settled near York, where Carol has equipped a large studio for teaching.

Further exploration

But she continues to develop her own new works, and bursts with enthusiasm for further exploration: “I’ve got a loom I want to have a go at.  I’ve had a go at weaving; I did my first experimental piece on a child’s loom.  And I’ve started dyeing.  In the past I’ve painted with silk paints, now I’ve dyed some silk.



Read more about Carol in Craft&Design September/October 2015 issue, out now.


And visit Carol’s website

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