Noreen Todd’s glass art

Noreen Todd’s glass art

When I saw Noreen Todd’s glass  last year, my first thought was ‘how does she make it?’

Noreen Todd and her glass art

Noreen Todd and her glass art

Unique process

When I asked her, I discovered that she had developed a unique process, that she’s never seen anyone else use.  Noreen’s striking, striped vessels are made from opalescent glass by a multi-stage process that involves cutting, fusing, blowing, and further cold working of the glass surface.


Taking work to BCTF

It’s a long, complex technique, that is mirrored in Noreen’s life.  When I met her, it was Noreen’s first outing to BCTF – the British Crafts Trade Fair.  But she wasn’t in the Newcomers’ Gallery, as, over the past twelve years, her work had been seen in many places, including the V&A in London, The Ebeltoft in Denmark, and Glazen Huis in Belgium.



But, despite such impressive career credentials, Noreen’s path to BCTF had been fraught with difficulties. She had, she explained, entered a creative partnership to develop a range of work specifically for BCTF.  But the partnership had collapsed just three months before the show date, and Noreen, reluctant to give up, had decided to go it alone.


To do this, she said, she had to create a body of work for the show, plus all the supporting information, publicity, price lists and so on, in under three months.


It’s not a strategy she recommends: by the time she got there, she was exhausted, and her advice to others is “start early.”


Crucially, though, she feels it was worth it.  She thoroughly enjoyed the show, made contacts, had work taken by galleries, and continues to get enquiries through the brochure.


Now, Noreen is looking forward to developing further new lines of work.


Read more in Craft&Design Magazine‘s Jan/Feb 2016 issue.


Contact Noreen – who also teaches – and see her work, at


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