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My work this month features Emilia Ellen in Craft&Design Magazine.  Emilia is an inspiring young woman who set up her own business straight from school.

Emilia Ellen article in Craft&Design

Emilia Ellen article in Craft&Design

Emilia uses her artistic skills to make cards, pictures and homeware, with mugs being a top seller.  Her sweet, whimsical designs belie the difficulties she has overcome.


Amelia’s school years were beset by troubles.  Statemented with Asperger’s Syndrome, she felt defined by her problems.  These were compounded when severe illness put her in a wheelchair for some time.  She was unable to take exams, which in turn dashed her ambition of becoming a zookeeper.

Animals and Art

“I’ve always loved animals,” says Emilia.  “I dreamed of being a zookeeper, but then couldn’t cope with exams, so had to find another road.  But there’s always an animal theme.”


Emilia used her love of animals as inspiration for art.  She says, “Ever since I was tiny, Granddad did art with me.  Art took me to a place where I was happy.”


Emilia returned to art to cheer herself up after doctors said she would never walk again.  Happily, her art helped Emilia to restore herself, and eventually, she got back onto her feet.  Meanwhile, friends admired her work: soon people were suggesting buying it.


Emilia realised that this was her chance.  Knowing that, without exam certificates, she was unlikely to secure regular employment, she founded her business and focussed on establishing herself.


Now, she says, “I’ve gone from nothing, with difficult special needs, and turned it into something beautiful.  My goal is not just to make money, but to help other people with Asperger’s, so they can broaden their situation.”

CraftandDesign Magazine Jul/Aug 2016

CraftandDesign Magazine Jul/Aug 2016

Read more of Emilia’s story in the July 2016 issue of Craft&Design Magazine.


Visit Emilia’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Emilia-Ellen-Designs-873264139418736/

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