Resurrection Bikes

Winning formula

Everyone loves to win, and at Resurrection Bikes in Harrogate, they have a winning formula.  By recycling bikes they win on every front:  they save old bikes from going to waste; they provide bikes for would-be cyclists at affordable prices; they make money for charity; and they enjoy each others’ company as they do so.

Bikes awaiting restoration and new homes

Bikes awaiting restoration and new homes

Recycling for charity

It’s a concept that has grown from a fond Dad helping his daughter to raise money for charity to an operation that recycles hundreds of bikes each year.


The group is housed in the basement of Kairos Church in Harrogate, and many members join to put Christianity into practical action.  They mend donated bikes, sell the refurbished bikes, and donate the profits to good causes at home and abroad.

Therapy and cake

But it’s much more than making money.  Founder John Rowe says, “I enjoy tinkering with bikes.  It’s therapy after a week’s work.  Even on my own, it’s therapeutic tinkering.” 


And, he adds, “We eat a lot of cake.  It’s one of our core values.  The idea is to have fun.”

Volunteers at Resurrection Bikes

Volunteers at Resurrection Bikes

Volunteers come because they like to tinker, or because they like to support charities, or because they like bikes, or just for the fellowship and cake. 

Cycling in Harrogate

Many volunteers love cycling for its own sake.  While they enjoy scenic rides, they also use bikes to get around town. 


They would love to see Harrogate’s roads made safer and more attractive to cyclists, and think that this could help make Harrogate’s roads less congested.


They also enjoy sharing knowledge and learning new skills.  John says, “I’d fixed 600 bikes before I came here, but still I see new variations on things.  There are hundreds and hundreds of variations – for no good reason other than fashion.”


So, in their workshops in the basement of Kairos Church, the team shares knowledge, shares a love of bikes.  And shares cake.


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