Historical Novel in Progress

I completed the first draft of my historical novel this week.


The novel was was inspired by the many historians, re-enactors, museum curators and archaeologists I’ve met over the years in my work for Dalesman Magazine.  They told me of the Viking city of Jorvik, now York, and how it was a thriving, internationally connected metropolis, before William the Conqueror came.

William, frustrated that York folk weren’t too keen on him being king, burned down the city, and embarked upon a genocide of the people who lived north of the Humber.

In my novel, I imagine what it might be like to be an ordinary woman, living in the city, at this time.

11th century re enactors

11th century re enactors

Completing the draft a big step completed, but the job far from finished.  It’s like a rough piece of furniture.  It has legs, but needs a lot of polishing.

It’s been a lot of work – repopulating the City of York before the Norman Conquest.

I quite like the place.  The food’s good, the parties great.

How different things might have been…..

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