Helen Johnson at home

Helen Johnson at home

Hi, I’m  Helen Johnson, Yorkshire freelance writer.

For many years, I’ve written magazine articles with a country flavour, usually illustrated with my own photographs.  I have particular interests in rural lifestyle, Yorkshire, crafts, nature conservation, farming and food, heritage and landscape.

I live in Appleton Wiske, a village in Yorkshire. It’s a great village to live in, because it’s full of people who care, who give their time and effort to make make Appleton Wiske such a good place to live.

Yorkshire is a unique and much-loved part of England.  It’s famous not only for its wide range of beautiful landscapes, but also for the character of its people; stoic, hard working, understated, but proud of their achievements.

I have been inspired by the people and places of Yorkshire to write a historic novel set here.  It’s a long undertaking – lots of research – but one day, I shall complete it.

My journalism and short stories have appeared in many publications,

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