Steve Sherlock, the Saxon Princess and the Roman Villa

Recontruction of the Princess burial at Kirkleatham Museum

Helen Johnson met Dr Steve Sherlock for Yorkshire Ridings Magazine.

Steve has made many discoveries at Street House, near Loftus, North Yorkshire. Discoveries date as far back as the Neolithic, and include Iron Age industries, a Roman Villa and a Saxon Princess burial. Continue Reading →

Dalesman February 2012: Leyburn, Iron Age Hillfort at Sutton Bank, and Chris Topp’s Ironworks

Helen Johnson reported for Dalesman in February 2012, about a new volunteer visitor information point (TIC) in Leyburn in Wensleydale, archaeological research at Boltby Hill Fort near Sutton Bank, and the work of the National Heritage Ironwork Group (NHIG) at Chris Topp and Co Ltd, ironworks near Thirsk, Yorkshire Continue Reading →

Dalesman Magazine, September 2011: Prehistoric life at Star Carr, useful shopping in Malton, and homemakde icecream in Sedbergh


For Dalesman Magazine, September 2011, Helen Johnson investigated discoveries at Starr Carr that could change our perception of life in the Stone Age. A little nearer to our own times, she saw Winston Kobylka, who is keeping traditional crafts of rope and canvas making alive in the town of Malton. And in Sedbergh, Brenda Sedgwick shares memories of a traditional farm milk round. Continue Reading →