Dalesman for January 2011: Colin Day’s maps of Yorkshire villages

Snowy night in Appleton Wiske

Helen Johnson met Colin Day for Dalesman Magazine. Colin maps villages where streets do not have house numbers marking the location of each house, with its name. This aids delivery drivers and emergency services, who can download the maps free from Colin’s website, www.colinday.co.uk Continue Reading →

Dalesman September 2010: Apprentices, a Dewpond, and fruit-growing in Husthwaite and apprentices on the Moors

Mark Aconley, who trained as an apprentice with the North York Moors National Park

Articles by Helen Johnson in Dalesman September 2010 are about apprenticeships in the North York Moors National Park, a restored dewpond, and fruit orchards in Husthwaite. Continue Reading →

Dalesman Aug 2010: Spence’s Ironmongers, Richmond, and Beck Isle Museum, Pickering

Tramlines in Friars Wynd Richmond

Dalesman August 2010 celebrates Yorkshire Day. Helen Johnson met Dennis Edmondson, travelling representative for Richmond Ironmonger Spence’s, Village Bobbies from Loftus, and volunteers at the Beck Isle Museum, Pickering Continue Reading →