Steve Sherlock, the Saxon Princess and the Roman Villa

Recontruction of the Princess burial at Kirkleatham Museum

Helen Johnson met Dr Steve Sherlock for Yorkshire Ridings Magazine.

Steve has made many discoveries at Street House, near Loftus, North Yorkshire. Discoveries date as far back as the Neolithic, and include Iron Age industries, a Roman Villa and a Saxon Princess burial. Continue Reading →

Dalesman March 2012: Revival in the Rountons, From Turkey Farmer to President, and Traditional Skills Restore Historic Buildings

Jenny Gaunt of Dark Star plants, East Rounton

For Dalesman Magazine March 2012, Helen Johnson visited the Rountons, villages where new ventures are bringing new life back to rural communities.
She also met Raymond Twiddle, a man who honed his business skills raising turkeys and now supports the Yorkshire Agricultural Society.
And finally she visited the Heritage Crafts Alliance, where trainer Glenn Young hopes to inspire people of all ages to learn the skills to preserve our historic buildings. Continue Reading →