Yorkshire is a much-loved region of Northern England, the largest of the historic Counties.

Yorkshire's pastoral landscape is home to many villages.

Yorkshire’s pastoral landscape is home to many villages.

Yorkshire’s landscapes have inspired countless artists.  It’s a country within a county, with many different landforms, from limestone crags to heather-topped moors; wide sandy beaches or fossil-encrusted cliffs; lush lowland farmland; deep forests and rushing rivers, sub-arctic hilltops and cosy pastoral villages.

Richmond Castle, founded shortly after the Harrying of the North, to control northern England.

Richmond Castle is an iconic landmark.

The land is rich in resources too, from coal to gold, potash to limestone.  Iron, jet, lead, and building stone have been quarried for centuries.  Today, Yorkshire’s resources also include populous cities such as Leeds and Sheffield, and priceless historical treasures such as York Minster and Fountains Abbey.

But it’s the people who make Yorkshire special.  I’ve noticed that Yorkshire folk really do have special characteristics.  They have a toughness, independence, ingenuity, and determination that is the foundation of all their achievements.  Whatever they do, they don’t say a lot, but they work hard to do it well.  That’s why visitors have such a good experience; if you go for a meal, it will be good food, well cooked, and efficiently served.

Even in winter, Yorkshire's landscape is beautiful.

Snow on the North York Moors

Yorkshire folk never miss a chance to celebrate their county, but they are modest about their own achievements, usually commenting that they ‘just get on with it’.

But ‘Just getting on with it’ creates remarkable achievements, that make Yorkshire great.

 That’s why it’s an endless source of fascination: there’s always someone doing something remarkable, in Yorkshire.

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